SMHS Meeting - The Cuckmere River

28 Mar 2012

March's speaker Kevin Gordon is, in SMHS reporter's opinion, skilled in the art of deception however, Mr Gordon should not be offended at this assertion.

At face value Mr Gordon's presentation, a meander down the Cuckmere River seemed just that - from the rise of the river at Three Cups Corner to it's mouth at Cuckmere Haven we were all enchanted with snippets about churches, buildings of historical interest, statuary, archaeological digs and the like - Mr Gordon ‘knows his stuff.' Our speaker was even a little apologetic at the lack of military content and read us some excerpts of reports of military occurrences at the close to keep us satisfied, SMHS reporter was not fooled!

Now the writer has been reading up a little lately on WW2 deception techniques and consequently saw through” the speaker's use of disguise, decoy and diversion to reveal a presentation that was in fact, riddled with military history.

Take for example his reference to Seaford Museum, its exhibits and displays, yet we know the museum is itself housed in Martello Tower, one of the great fortifications of its time. There were two castles; Burlough and Chyngton, the moat at Michelham Priory which is fed by the Cuckmere, clearly a magnificent defensive work. There were references to soldiers apprehending smugglers (and relieving them of their booty), Napoleonic barracks at Cuckmere Haven and the list goes on…

Mr Gordon may have done his best to fool us, but the inescapable truth is that the banks of the Cuckmere are teaming with military gems. So Mr Gordon we salute you, safe to say you are indeed skilled in the art of deception, but on this occasion we say - nice try, but no cigar!

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7.30pm for 8.00pm start
Function Room of the
Royal Oak Public House,
Station Street, Lewes,
East Sussex.

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